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Hi, I’m Ella

I’m an avid photographer, filmmaker and writer with a passion for wildlife, conservation and cultures. For as long as I can remember, I have used my creativity to highlight topics that I believe in as well as to tell captivating, emotive stories.

Over the years I have truly invested in my filmmaking and photography equipment to ensure I can produce the best reflection possible of what I am capturing. However, I thoroughly believe it is my undeniable passion that sets me apart as a writer, photographer and a filmmaker.


I work on a range of social media platforms including Youtube, Instagram and my own self-hosted blog.

Youtube: Ella in Wanderlust
Subscribers: 3.4k

Instagram: @ellajanemckendrick
Followers: 1.3k

Blog: Ella in Wanderlust
Monthly Views: 1.8k

I work primarily on Youtube, producing high-quality video content.

Since setting up my YouTube channel in March 2018, I have created and uploaded 50+ videos and experienced rapid channel growth.

I use my YouTube channel to vlog about my experiences whilst travelling, providing education about a destination whilst adding personality, humour and storytelling to create an engaging video.

Video Views


Watchtime (hours)




Graph showing video view growth since channel launch in March 2018.

March 2018 views (starting month) were 491.

Current monthly views (December 2019) are 31,540.

Testimonials & Case Studies

1. Footsteps Eco-Lodge, The Gambia

In March 2019, I visited Footsteps Eco-Lodge for 3 nights. I created content in the form of vlogs on my channel. Foosteps Eco-Lodge was featured in a total of 4 vlogs published to my Youtube channel which received a combined viewership of over 170k views within the first 12 months.

Wow great video Ella and thanks for including our humble lodge. Ella we are fast becoming your biggest fan. You said there was so much more you wanted to see, when your ready for that we would love to be your host again. – Footsteps in The Gambia (via Youtube)

2. Little Arches Boutique Hotel, Barbados

I visited Little Arches Boutique Hotel in September for 2 nights. The hotel was featured in a vlog on my Youtube channel, a blog post and in 3 Instagram posts. In the first 2 months of being live, the vlog received over 3.5k views.

“It was so lovely to read your blog. Your descriptions are just painting beautiful murals of Barbados. I’ll be sure to flag this email so all the girls can read.” – Michelle

“Michelle and I just watched the video and e-mailed it to the team. Like it?! We LOVE it!!!! Your style is like ours….very relaxed and fun but still informative. We too enjoyed working with you and we are sure that our paths will cross again as you need to come back to Barbados for a longer visit!” – Sandra (Manager at Little Arches Boutique Hotel)

Little Arches Boutique Hotel sharing my vlog on their Facebook page

3. Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals, Barbados

I collaborated with car hire company Drive-A-Matic whilst visiting Barbados.

The goal was to create 2 Instagram posts and for the car to feature in 1 vlog on my Youtube channel.

I loved working with Drive-A-Matic. In the end, I featured Drive-A-Matic in 2 full-length vlogs (greater than 10 minutes in length each).

Drive-A-Matic re-posted all content on their own social media platforms, including the full-length vlogs.

The vlogs that I created which feature Drive-A-Matic amassed a combined viewership of 6.5k in the first 7 months on my channel.

“I am absolutely in love with your vlogs and all the content that you provided for us! We are glad that you had a fun time in Barbados! It has been amazing working with you.” – Shakira (digital marketing coordinator for Drive-A-Matic)

1 of my vlogs being featured on Drive-A-Matic’s Instagram page using the IGTV function
Reposts of both my Instagram and Vlog content on Drive-A-Matic’s social media channels

4. Banana Lama Eco-Villas, Dominica

I was offered a 3 night stay at Banana Lama Eco-Villas in Dominica. In total, Banana Lama featured in 3 of my vlogs on my Youtube channel and 3 images on my Instagram. After 1 month, the vlogs have a combined viewership of over 2k and after 5 months the viewership had gone up to over 8k.

I have enjoyed your posts for sure. The video is awesome. It was a real pleasure working with you. Good luck with your future endeavours, and  come visit again one day! – Melissa (Owner of Banana Lama Eco-Villas)

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