Namibia Road-Trip Travel Vlog Series

I'm so excited to announce my Namibia vlog series!

This documentary series works alongside a written blog serieswritten blog series which I put together on this blog. The two series complement each other well with the written blogs filling in the gaps in between vlogs and delving into some of the issues that were too stressful to film.

I worked pretty damn hard on putting all of these videos together.

I will disclose now that I am brand new to vlogging. I am not confident in front of the camera at all. I am also getting to grips on my editing style. Here's a fun fact about me which you may not know. Before my vlogging channel I had another Youtube channel which I set-up when I was 12 years old. I used to make music videos with clips of animals and animal films, adding crazy effects and focusing on making the videos match the music beats. Now, I am trying so hard to get away from this editing style but it doesn't feel natural yet to not edit to the music! I'm sure I'll grow out of it eventually, hehe.

If you have not read about my Namibia trip yet (if you haven't then you totally should), here's a big of background.

We went on an exciting 2-week road-trip around Namibia. Namibia is a country found on the south west coast of Africa. It's one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world so largely untouched.

Join us on our road-trip as we travel round the country in a pick-up truck, sleeping in a roof-top tent.

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All vlogs below!

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Episode 1

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Episode 2

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Episode 3

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Episode 4

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Episode 5

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Episode 6

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Episode 7

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Highlight Reel

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