A week of Paradise in Saint Barthélemy

Ella by ocean on beach at Anse de Grand Cul-De-Sac in St Barthélemy

During the February half term of my final year of school, we flew to St Barth (short for Saint Barthélemy), a small, French island in the Caribbean.

St Barth is famed for its fantastic shopping and laid-back, bohemian atmosphere. As well as the shops, the restaurants are meant to be divine.

I've visited this island twice before but each visit was only for a day. This was the first time that I was actually going to stay here and experience life in St Barth.

Below is a chronological list of all my blog posts from this trip.

Finding Solace in St Barts

The sprawling villa in the hills opened up in front of me. The gentle murmuring of the crystal clear infinity pool was in my ears, as I soaked up the open-planned rooms, the grand kitchen flowing into the living area and the open patio windows which led to the pool area, flanked by palm trees.… Read More

Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Mardi Gras Carnival in Gustavia

My first few days on the island of St Bart’s had been absolute bliss. On our first full day, our rental car had arrived. I did not envy my parents for having to drive the silver 4x4 up and down the driveway of death. As we were still without any clothing, we took it as… Read More

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Three Beaches in Three Days in St Barthélemy

The following morning all remnants of the rainstorm from the day before were gone. The ocean was once again calm, peacefully caressing the island’s jagged shoreline and murmuring softly, as if calling us over to dabble in its shallows. Today we were heading to St Bart’s longest swathe of sand which was concealed in a… Read More

Thursday, 14 February 2013