The Journey So Far

This page contains a chronological list of all the trips I have been on.


I've put together some posts which detail some of the most ridiculous highlights of my travel life before 2012. You can find out all about the time I trod on a drug syringe in Mallorca or the time a woman died in front of me on a plane to Dominica.

- My Craziest Pre-2012 Travel Experiences


Back in 2012, I was 17 and still at school. I was fortunate enough to go on a cruise round the Caribbean during my easter break and then, in the summer, take-part in a school trip to Zambia. Let me tell you, this was not your average school trip. I found myself dicing with danger at every turn and sometimes wonder how I made it out alive.

- Our 10-Day Cruise from Miami, Florida to Barbados
- Bush-Camping in the Lower-Zambezi National Park, Zambia


During February half-term in my last ever year at school, I went on my last family holiday before I became officially independent. We journeyed to the laid-back Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy.

In the summer, I leapt head-first out of my comfort zone and embarked on first solo trip to the African country of Namibia.

In late-2013 I started University but being a hater of full-time education I couldn't help but take a trip during term-time to Mallorca. This gave me a written warning.

- A week of Paradise in Saint Barthélemy
- Volunteering at a Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia
- Horse Riding through the Mountains of Mallorca

Cheetah at Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary Namibia

Looking after a cheetah whilst volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia


I kicked-off 2014 by quitting University. I had other plans now to set-up a business alongside, Lewis, my boyfriend. Setting-up a business in intense and requires more commitment than I could ever have dreamed off. Therefore, 2014 was a very quiet year until finally we booked a trip for September 2014 to go to South Africa.

The South Africa trip was an all-inclusive horse riding holiday which cost more than I care to admit. To top things all off, shortly before our departure, looking after a loan horse had put Lewis off horses and so he could no longer ride.

I still enjoyed myself. Sadly this was to be the last trip we could take for a long time.

- 1-Week Horse Riding Safari in South Africa


I'd worked on our business non-stop for the last few years. Finally we were able to have a long-weekend in Scotland in August.

Later that year, our burn-out was becoming too much and working non-stop was causing issues for my mental health. As a result, we booked a 2-week trip to Mahé island, the largest island in the Seychelles.

- A Weekend on Loch Tay in the Scottish Highlands
- Two Weeks Exploring Mahé Island in Seychelles

Drone view of wooden boats at Port Glaud, north Mahe, Seychelles

A quiet beach on Mahé island in Seychelles


Work commenced as usual until summer hit. I was faced with a desire to travel, as is often the case. However, work wouldn't permit us leaving, not even for a long-weekend. I gave up on the concept but Lewis wracked his brains and came up with a genius idea - camping!

We bought our gear the same day and headed out for just 1 night in the Lake District, a couple of hours from where we are based in the UK.

This was the start of our summer of camping. We followed-up with a night in the Peak District and then finally 2 nights in Snowdonia National Park in Wales.

At the end of the summer, I finally went on a long-weekend away with my friends from high-school. I'd been postponing a trip like this since I left school in 2013. It was to be a girl's only trip (upon their request) and I didn't feel I had too much in common with most of them anymore. Anyway, for some reason, I went through with it, only for things to go pretty tits-up.

Finally, the last few months of the year had a surprise tucked within them. For 2 weeks of November I went on the best trip of my life - a road-trip around my favourite country, Namibia.

What a way to end the year!

- My Summer Exploring the UK
- A Girls' Weekend in Mallorca: The Trip I Nearly Didn't Take
- 2-Week Self-Drive Namibia Road-Trip

Drone view of Toyota Hilux 4x4 self-drive road-trip through Namibia, Africa

Driving through Namibia in our 4x4 with a roof-top tent


What a year 2018 was! The year started with some wonderful growth for my small business. I put it down to the fact that I was super-duper refreshed after having the time of my life in Namibia. Or maybe many years of hard work was finally starting to pay off.

As a result, 2018 was my biggest year of travel since starting work on my business. We hit the Asian island of Sri Lanka, my all-time fave island of Mallorca, the Greek island of Kefalonia and finally the Spanish island of Tenerife. I even got engaged in Tenerife!

- Our Backpacking Adventure through Sri Lanka
- Police Encounters, Speeding Tickets & Missed Flights, All in 1 Weekend in Mallorca
- Falling in Love with the Greek Island of Kefalonia
- My Engagement Weekend in Tenerife


In March I returned to my all-time favourite continent, Africa, this time visiting my first ever West African country, The Gambia for 3 nights. The Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa but don't be fooled by its small size as it has a lot to offer.

I had big plans for 2019 but few materialised. Mishap after mishap seemed to occur and it wasn't until September when I was able to travel again, this time to somewhere I like to call home - The Caribbean.

Our Caribbean trip consisted of the islands of Barbados and Dominica. But booking this trip for the peak of hurricane season didn't come without its dramas!

- 3 Nights in The Gambia, The Smiling Coast of Africa
- Journeying to the Caribbean in the Peak of Hurricane Season

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