Why I (an Incredibly Shy Introvert) Signed up to Live in a Stranger’s House for a Week in Spain

The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia found in Segovia city. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I had just signed up to take part in the Spanish Exchange trip with school.

I took a deep breath, processing what I had just done.

I had just signed up to go and live for 1 week with a person who I had never ever met.

I – someone who cannot for the life of me make friends or even start up a conversation with anyone – signed up to live with a total stranger who spoke a completely different language, of which I didn’t know a word of.

Oh, and it was also going to be on my birthday. I was going to spend my 16th birthday away from my family in a total stranger’s house.

What the hell have I just done? Part of me was absolutely kicking myself. Why have I always gotta throw myself so far outside of my comfort zone that my comfort zone is constantly like a dot on the horizon?

For the years running up to the exchange, I had always been convinced that I would never, ever take part. Never. I was certain of it. But yet when the time came… I signed up?!

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