The Time We Flew to Dubai and Everything Went Wrong

I panted as I raced through the airport terminal, the weight of my hand-luggage baring me down. How much further? I wondered despairingly. Beside me, the rest of my family were also pelting through Heathrow airport as we desperately raced to reach our connection.

Outside the terminal windows, faintly visible behind the bright reflection of the gleaming airport, I could see the dark sky as evening set in.

We were gradually nearing the end of the terminal where our plane was boarding for Dubai. A woman stood at the now-empty gate. Had we made it in time?

We skidded to a halt and I took a moment to catch my breath as my parents spoke to the gate staff.

“We are closing the gate.” The woman announced.

I stared, horrified. Did this mean we were too late?

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