The Time I Blew Up The Engine on a £500,000 Boat

The pristine blue waters sped past me in a blur. Crests of waves appeared in a constant stream on the horizon and each one I tackled head on. We moved elegantly through the waves, slicing through them with smooth precision.

On my right stood towering orange cliff faces, caves and scars carved into them. On my left was nothing except the vast expanse of blue ocean.

It was my second day at sea, learning how to captain a boat. I’d been late to start my training as Leeds Festival overlapped with our scheduled skipper training. My brother and dad already had their licenses after three days and one gruelling night on the water.

My first day had gone swimmingly. My trainer had informed me I was a natural when it came to navigating and driving a boat and I was glowing with pride. Finally, something I could do!

He had been so impressed, in fact, that he didn’t think I needed the night training at all. So I had 3 scheduled days on the water, one of which included driving from Mallorca across to Ibiza.

It seemed like everyone was pretty confident in my skipper abilities as a whole boat-full of a family friends had been invited on the boat for a relaxing day out whilst I ferried them around.

This would be interesting.

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