The Mardi Gras Carnival in Gustavia

The Mardi Gras Carnival in Gustavia capital city in St Barthélemy

My first few days on the island of St Bart’s had been absolute bliss.

On our first full day, our rental car had arrived. I did not envy my parents for having to drive the silver 4x4 up and down the driveway of death.

As we were still without any clothing, we took it as an excuse to enter Gustavia for a splash of shopping. Gustavia never failed to impress me with its range of small but stylish boutiques and I ended the expedition with a couple of new items of clothing.

Later that day we were surprised by our luggage. I smiled, feeling thoroughly elated as I laid eyes on our cases. It had been impressive that they had arrived after just 24 hours.

I then gave into jetlag and took a nap before we ventured out for dinner to a gorgeous restaurant in Gustavia.

The following day we had journeyed in search of one of St Bart’s most renowned beaches. Despite claiming to house 22 beaches, I noted that compared to most Caribbean islands I had visited, St Bart’s coastline was largely made up of jagged rocks and high cliffs.

It was a 20 minute drive from our hill-top villa to Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France, a luxurious hotel on the north-western tip of the island. Called Isle de France for short, this hotel is the largest hotel on the island and houses two restaurants. By large, the hotel was still small compared to most parts of the world, with only 40 rooms.

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