The Bushman Village

San Bushmen at Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary Namibia

On my second and final Saturday at N/a'an ku sê, we went to the Bushman Village. The Bushman Village was a new addition to the reserve. The Bushman Village is known as the Ancient San Skills Academy, which is a traditional San Village that San Bushmen base themselves at for various periods of time. The purpose of this is to offer local San children, now living in a western society, a chance to experience their traditional San heritage. It was also very education for us volunteers.

I had spent several days helping with the preparations for the village. One of these was building the road to the village. Buy building a road, I mean cutting back the vegetation and making more of a dirt track. It was hard work! We worked for many hours in the scorching Namibian sun, shovelling and digging into the earth. It was great to drive down the completed track knowing that the hard work wasn't in vein.

When we arrived at the village, we helped clean up the village by brushing up leaves and removing any thorn bushes that were too close.

The village was lovely and consisted of four or five straw huts.

The San Bushmen spoke clicking language which Marlice, the founder of N/a'an ku sê can speak fluently. It was fascinating listening to them converse.

The Bushmen showed us various plants surrounding the village that they used and educated us on their uses. After this, we all sat down and watched as the Bushmen sang and clapped. It was an incredible experience.

San Bushmen at Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary Namibia
San Bushmen at Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary Namibia
San Bushmen at Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary Namibia

Sunday was my last day in Namibia. I opted to visit the capital city, Windhoek where I did some shopping. After shopping in a shopping centre, we went to a lovely restaurant called Joe's where I ate a trio of steaks: zebra, impala and kudu. It was amazing!

The sun set in Namibia for me one final time. As the last rays turned the sky red, I felt a terrible tug in my heart. I knew at that moment that Africa had well and truly captured my heart and wasn't planning on letting it go.

Sunset at Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary Namibia

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