Taking the Ferry from Anguilla to St Barthélemy

It was our third day on the small island of Anguilla.

After spending my time soaking up the sun’s glorious rays beside the ocean, it was time to reignite some adventure with a day trip to a nearby island called St Barthélemy.

The best way to travel between Anguilla and St Bathélemy is by ferry.

Anguilla’s ferry terminal is situated along the island’s southern coast, in a village called Blowing Point.

The village is small with a couple of restaurants, churches, a petrol station and a supermarket.

Due to the small size of Anguilla, journeying to Blowing Point from our resort in Mead’s Bay only took 10 minutes.

Voyager offer a ferry service from Anguilla to the neighbouring island of St Martin. From St Martin we would have to change to another ferry (on the same dock) which would take us to our final destination – St Barthélemy.

Tickets are available to purchase at the ferry terminal but it’s always advisable to book in advance as a place on the ferry is not guaranteed. Booking in advance also ensures there definitely is a ferry running at the time and date you would like.

The ferries operate between Anguilla and St Martin every 45 minutes and the initial leg of the ferry ride (Anguilla to St Martin) was estimated to take roughly 25 minutes.

You can expect to pay roughly $20 USD per person for a one-way ferry from Anguilla to St Martin – a $40 USD round trip between the two. You can also expect to pay departure tax for day trips ($5 USD per person each way).

After showing our tickets at the ferry terminal, we made our way down the wooden jetty towards a white boat which was bobbing gently at the end of it.

The sun shone brilliantly onto the water, turning it a beautiful shade of turquoise.

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