Shopping & Sunbathing in St Barthélemy

Eden Rock beach in St Barthélemy, the Caribbean

My dreams were interrupted by a low groaning-like sound. I blinked open my eyes, heavy with sleep, aware that my bed was juddering ever so slightly.

Memories of the previous day came flooding back. The anchor! We had arrived at another destination.

All fatigue disappeared in a flash and I made my way over to the heavy black-out curtains. I threw them open, allowing valiant sunlight to slice into our sleepy cabin.

After adjusting my eyes to the dramatic change in lighting, I was able to absorb the view in front of me.

A vast expanse of blue ocean sat between us and the rocky coastline. Bobbing gently on small waves were numerous superyachts, their shiny hulls shimmering with the reflection of the morning sun on the ocean’s surface.

The jagged cliffs and bay of superyachts was a scene I had seen before and I instantly recognised St Barthélemy.

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