Sailing From Mallorca to Ibiza

A carpet of tantalising blue waves stretched on for as far as the eye could see. I watched each crest eagerly, eyes drawn to the white foam as they barrelled over. There had to be a dolphin here somewhere.

We’d lost sight of land a long time ago, heading out from Porto Portals harbour on Mallorca’s southern coastline and heading south-west towards Ibiza island.

I lay stretched out on the front of the boat, feeling the warmth of the sun as the midday rays caressed my skin. The sea breeze which ruffled my hair was very much welcome, taking the edge of the heat away and allowing me to feel perfectly comfortable.

I was relieved that I was not skippering this trip. Although I enjoyed controlling the streamlined vessel, yesterday’s day trip had really drained me and I was looking forward to a day of relaxing instead. I wasn’t convinced I was the best captain out there. With a grimace, I thought back to the boat yesterday which was likely in repair somewhere. Thank goodness this boat seemed more reliable! …Or was it the captain that was more reliable?

Our boat charged effortlessly through the waves, slicing through the ocean with smooth accuracy. Each moment that passed was bringing us another moment closer to arriving in Ibiza.

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