Our Lodge on the Banks of Loch Tay in Kenmore, Scotland

Lodge Cottage in Kenmore, Scotland

In mid-July, we went to Kenmore, Scotland. My family go every year to the same location in Scotland and this year we decided to join them. Kenmore is a small village located on the eastern end of a loch known as Loch Tay. The loch is located deep in the Scottish Highlands, an area right in natural landscapes and heritage. You can learn more about the exciting things to do in the Scottish Highlands.

It was a 7 hour car ride to get there! Well, it wasn't meant to be 7 hours but the traffic was awful. My parents were in a separate car and were travelling ahead of us for most of the journey. Unfortunately, there was an accident on the motorway that meant that the motorway had to be temporarily closed. The traffic was in standstill. Fortunately, my mum rang me and told me what was going on. It was lucky that she called me just before we reached the last junction before the closure, so we took a detour through the Lake District.

My poor parents were stuck in non-moving traffic for several hours before the road was re-opened. People were getting out of their cars and playing in the motorway to pass the time. It was lucky that we missed this traffic, but we were having difficulties of our own. The satnav kept trying to direct us back to the motorway. I had to direct us the old-fashioned way using a map and felt terribly carsick.

Eventually, we re-joined the motorway after the accident and continued the journey. It was plan-sailing from there and the roads started to empty. The further north you go, the emptier the roads. The drive was rather scenic with pine forests looming either side of the road. In the distance you could see thunder-clouds rolling in. It was very atmospheric.

Night was drawing closer and when we finally arrived it was dark. After such a long drive, I was craving food and bed. When the Kenmore Hotel showed us to our lodge, I woke up slightly. It was beautiful.

The lodges were lovely. Our lodge was called 'The Saddle' and from the outside looked like an old traditional cottage. Inside, it was modern and decorated to a high standard.

In the above picture, our lodge was the white terrace closest the camera, and the bottom floor of the grey/brown terrace. I think we had a big lodge!

Interior of Lodge Cottage in Kenmore, Scotland

The living room with a nice log-burning fire

Ella in Interior of Lodge Cottage in Kenmore, Scotland
Interior of Lodge Cottage in Kenmore, Scotland

The bed! It was so comfortable

Interior of Lodge Cottage in Kenmore, Scotland

A nice warm bath was a welcomed treat

Interior of Lodge Cottage in Kenmore, Scotland

The kitchen

That evening, we went to the lodge where the rest of the family were staying. It was over a cute little bridge round the corner from us. It was great to see everyone. After gorging myself on a delicious Indian takeaway, it was time to go back to the lodge for the night. After a nice, warm bath, I slept like a baby.

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