Exploding Coke Cans, Hitting the Maga Strip & The Hangover from Hell in Mallorca

Drone View of Cliff and Ocean in Mallorca

After finally managing to open the door to our villa (you can read more about that trauma here), we walked down to the shops to buy our Diet Coke. Mission complete, we put our food away and due to thirst, put some drinks in the freezer to make them cool down at maximum speed.

Despite getting up at 4.30am that morning, I was feeling unusually alive and so we went out for dinner that night and later had some drinks at a shisha bar.

The next day I was up fairly early and ready to go. Finally, I could work on my tan! My skin tone resembled that of a glass of milk, something I was determined to change. The sun welcomed me out onto the patio. We hadn't been up for too long when I heard a cry from the kitchen. "No! Oh, no! Guys!"

What could possibly have happened? By the despairing cries that continued to go on, something absolutely dreadful must have taken place in the kitchen.

I raced into the kitchen to see Ana in visible distress, looking at the open freezer.

"The cokes!" She cried. "We forgot to take them out the freezer yesterday. They've exploded! Look."

It was a sorry sight. The freezer was covered in brown, splattered all over up the walls and it had even got into the ice dispenser. In the middle was a plastic bag and within it a packet of 12 diet cokes. A subtle fizzing sound could be heard.

Amongst all the devastation, I couldn't help but laugh. How could we have been so stupid and left all the cokes in the freezer? Had any survived?

The great tidy-up began. To begin with, we took the cokes out and placed them in the sink. Then one by one we checked them to see if any were salvageable. It wasn't looking good. One coke had completely snapped in half, others had ruptured so badly the cans were completely deformed and sometimes the tops were coming off. Frozen coke was attached to them all. We decided some of the deformed cans were still, drinkable as they hadn't actually burst. Remarkably, some looked absolutely fine. We managed to save around half of them.

Soon the crime-scene had been completely cleared. No one would know the horrors that had taken place in that freezer.

Drone View of Ella on a Cliff with Ocean in Mallorca

No photos! When you get told off for flying your drone at your villa so have to fly on a cliff instead

The sun became shy about half way through the day, shattering my tanning dreams. After spending the afternoon playing 'Scrabble' and attempting to watch movies, we cooked dinner and then decided to go out for 'sophisticated drinks' at a local port. It was our last night on the island so it was nice to go out and celebrate our short trip away. Let's just say our 'sophisticated drinks' rapidly turned not-so-sophisticated. One bottle of wine between four of us escalated to four bottles - that's a bottle per person! Our table turned into the place to be with more and more people coming over to socialise.

The night got blurrier and blurrier for me until I wanted to do nothing more than party. Magaluf suddenly seemed like a great idea and once the bar in the port had closed, me and one of my friends, Ruth went on to 'Maga'. The night finally came to an end at 5am and a very dizzy and disoriented me clambered into bed, full on a McDonalds burger. All I could think in my head was, this is why I don't drink normally.

Drone View of Port and Ocean in Mallorca

The sun rose on a very painful day in Mallorca. I was pretty sure I was still drunk when I woke up. Somehow I was up at half 8, running off very little sleep and a lot of wine. I rapidly started to decline and my phrase 'I felt like a 6 tonne potato' seemed appropriate once more. If you are not familiar with this term, imagine being very, very seasick. The day was awful. I couldn't eat anything more than a couple of pieces of salami and the thought of anything made me queasy. Someone mentioned the night before and I was thinking, please, no, almost wrenching at the thought. Thank god our flight wasn't until 9.30pm as there was no chance I was able to fly at that moment.

Drone View of Cliff and Ocean in Mallorca

Surprisingly, a walk to the local shops did me so much good. I felt a lot better actually getting up and doing something. By the time we had to leave for our flight, I was thankfully feeling even better. We waved goodbye to the villa and headed off to the airport. The airport was nice and quiet which was just what we needed.

Although I couldn't think of much more than the sick feeling in my stomach at the time, I've done some reflection on the holiday since. To begin with, I was so nervous about going. I'd only seen my friends a handful of times since leaving secondary school 4 years ago. I was worried the dynamic would have changed and that we as people would have changed. I was happy to discover that our friendship was still strong and it felt almost as if we hadn't had that time apart. I also learnt that I'm still quite the party-animal at heart even though I don't go out much. I'm glad that I pushed myself our of my comfort zone to embark on this trip because, as I've mentioned before, life really does begin at the end of your comfort zone.

Drone View of Ella on a Cliff with Ocean in Mallorca

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