Last Day in Zambia

Zambezi River Sunset in Zambia Africa

Sunset at camp

Safari Truck in Zambia Africa

Our trusty vehicle

It was our last full day in Zambia and we bid farewell to our campsite. We were journeying back to our original campsite (no, not the one where I got chased by a hippo! You can read about that lovely experience here) which we stayed at on our first night in Zambia. It was a long journey back that took a couple of hours.

Part way through we had to cross the Zambezi river. The way to cross was using something which was the mix between a boat and a bridge. It essentially moved from one side of the river to the other, carrying cars and people. It was a long wait for this boat-bridge. We had to get out of our cars and wait in the shade.

When it eventually did show up, it didn't disappoint and proved a fun and interesting way to travel across the river.

River Bridge Crossing in Zambia Africa

The boat-bridge!

We finally arrived at back at our first campsite. It felt weird to be back, especially considering we had taken 3 days to travel down the Zambezi to our last campsite. We literally just went back on ourselves! Fun fact, I canoed 84km down the Zambezi. That's quite a distance!

The sun finally set on our last night in Zambia. I knew I was going to miss this place. I'd had quite the adventure. Fortunately, I didn't run into any hippos on my last night.

Zambezi River Sunset in Zambia Africa

Sunset on my last night, brought to you in fantastic iphone 4 zoom quality

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