Last Day in Zambia

Dawn broke in Zambia, welcoming my final proper day in the wonderful country.

Memories of yesterday still swam in my mind. Memories of the waterbuck we saw in the forest on the way back to our campsite after our morning in the village. Memories of the mother elephant we saw with her calf, just a couple of minutes away by vehicle from our campsite. Memories of the dozens of elephants that stopped off to drink on the bank opposite our campsite.

It had been magical to watch so many elephants perched only a couple of metres away from our campsite, water sparkling in the evening light as they lifted it to their mouths with their trunks and quenched their thirst.

Further down the river, a group of elephants were jostling in the river’s shallows. They rolled in mud, their ears flapping playfully as they pushed against one another.

Impala and kudu also made an appearance by the river. Alert for any signs of danger, they delicately dipped their heads to the pristine water’s surface and drank.

As twilight turned to nightfall, the campfire was lit. The wood crackled violently as flames licked at its flaking bark.

That night we enjoyed some marshmallows. We stabbed them with sticks and hovered them over the dancing flames, rejoicing as the marshmallows began to lose shape and become sticky before finally devouring them in hungry gulps.

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