Kayaking Through the Mangroves of Tortola

Mountains and coastline of Tortola, BVI

After 2 full, horrific days at sea, we arrived at our first island, Tortola.

As I thought would be the case, I was terribly sea-sick. However, nothing could have prepared me for just how sea-sick I got. Yep, it was worse than I ever thought possible.

After leaving Miami, our ship, Silver Spirit, had to travel through the Atlantic Ocean to get to our first Caribbean island, Tortola, which is located in the British Virgin Islands.

The choppy waves of the Atlantic hit us hard and it wasn’t long before the world as spinning. I was literally crawling around my room, unable to stand and fearing that I’d vomit at any moment. I likened the experience to being hungover and drunk at the same time. Very, very hungover and very, very drunk..

I groaned, trying but failing to get comfortable on the sofa. Movie after movie played on our screen but I couldn’t quite enjoy any of them, not when I felt so queasy.

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