Kayaking Down the Rivers of Killin Village

Kayaking Down River to Lock Tay in Killin, Scotland

Sunday was our final full day in Kenmore and we decided to do some more exploring. So, we both jumped in our car and drove through Kenmore village. We had decided to drive to the other end of Loch Tay to the village of Killin. Killin is quite a bit bigger than Kenmore and I had heard that it was a beautiful place. We didn't know what we would do when we got there but it would be great to have a look around.

The road ran along the loch, within the pine-covered hills. Whilst we were driving, I kept looking to the loch and seeing if I recognised areas from our boating trip yesterday. We stopped a couple of times along the route to take pictures as there were some stunning view-points.

Lock Tay in Kenmore, Scotland

Standing on the bridge in Kenmore, overlooking Loch Tay

Lock Tay in Kenmore, Scotland

A little pier along Loch Tay. I think this was near where we turned around in our boat yesterday

Lock Tay in Kenmore, Scotland
Ella by Lock Tay in Kenmore, Scotland
Lock Tay in Kenmore, Scotland

Panorama! How perfect is the reflection though?

The drive to Killin was around 30 minutes long. Unfortunately, when we arrived, the dark, grey clouds that had been looming above us throughout the weekend finally opened up and heavy rain began to fall. Killin was surrounded by hills but it was impossible to see the summits as low clouds swallowed them up. We decided to have some lunch and wait for the rain to pass.

We walked through the village and found a nice little cafΓ© to have some lunch. I had a cup of tea and a ham sandwich which came with crisps. It reminded me of my childhood.

When we finished our lunch, the rain was still going strong. We weren't prepared to let a little rain spoil our day.

Killin Village, Scotland

Killin village

We went to the Killin Outdoor Centre as we saw some kayaks and canoes outside their shop. We inquired about taking one out. They recommended that we use a kayak instead of a Canadian canoe as it was safer for beginners like us. We booked to go out for 3 hours.

The shop assistant walked us across the road where there was a river. There were several kayaks laid out on the grassy bank. The river was called River Lochay and joins Loch Tay.

We were given lifejackets and a waterproof bag where we could keep our valuables. Then, we jumped in the kayak and off we went.

Map of Killin, River Lochay and Loch Tay

Kayaking Down River to Lock Tay in Killin, Scotland

Kayaking Down River to Lock Tay in Killin, Scotland

Ella Kayaking Down River to Lock Tay in Killin, Scotland

The panorama got a tad messed up but it's still a great picture

The rain was relentless. I was certainly grateful for the waterproof bag. Kayaking down the river was so peaceful. We hardly passed any houses. On either side of the river was mostly vegetation: trees, rolling hills, reeds and long grass. The trip was mostly silent apart from the plashing of raindrops and our ores dipping into the water. I preferred the kayaking to yesterday's boat ride. There's something so relaxing and peaceful about kayaking that motor boats will never have due to the thunderous motors.

The river eventually opened up into the loch and I was blown away by the beauty of the surroundings. Great green hills loomed around the vast expanse of clear water. There were a few little islands in the middle of the loch that were contemplating stopping on but eventually decided against it. Long grass grew out of the water around these islands, kind of like a marsh.

At one point, we were passed by a family of swans with lots of little signets. It was adorable.

Three hours went by very fast and I hardly noticed just how sodden I was. My seat was filled with water. When I shifted around, I could feel the puddle beneath me and hear it squelching. Eek!

When we arrived back at the car, we were a sorry state. We didn't bring any towels with us because we just didn't anticipate this. I took off a fair bit of my dripping clothes and wrapped myself in my coat, which was at least dry on the inside. It was a cold drive back to the lodge and a hot bath was definitely on the menu!

It was sad to see our last full day in Scotland draw to a close but before we went home, Kenmore had one last sight to give me, a double rainbow! Double rainbow all the way - oh my god!

Double Rainbow Over Cottage in Kenmore, Scotland

Oh my god, it's a double rainbow!

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