Jet Skiing in Barbados: The End of our Caribbean Cruise

Palm trees with ocean in the background at Glitter Bay resort, Barbados

I was awoken by the boat's anchor one final time. We had arrived in Barbados, our final stop. When we departed the ship today, we wouldn't be returning and that fact made me feel slightly empty inside. This boat, Silver Spirit, had been my home. My room had been cosy, I'd bonded with all the boat's staff and the free food... oh, my! On Easter Sunday there was a massive all-you-can-eat buffet which included sushi - my favourite food! Needless to say, I stuffed myself. Boy was I going to miss it. Of course, the entire experience was incredible. Waking up each day in a new island was wonderful and you didn't have much stress either as you didn't need to pack and unpack for each island as your bedroom remained the same, it just moved with you! I could ramble for hours about how much I loved it but the bottom line is, I knew I was going to miss it.

We had visited so many extraordinary islands on our Caribbean cruise. I knew I'd leap at the opportunity to do it again and see some new islands. One cruise that looks exciting is Fathom Cruise's Caribbean Cruise which visits the Dominican Republic in its journey - an island I have always wanted to visit!

So I took those steps with a heavy-heart. I waved goodbye to our trusty white ship and waited in Bridgetown for our taxi. Although one part of the journey had ended, the adventure wasn't over yet. We had 3 nights in Barbados and I couldn't have been more excited. Barbados is like my second home. I've been going to this beautiful Caribbean island since I was a tiny baby. As a result, I feel ecstatic whenever I enter the island. I feel like I'm returning to my roots! The air even smells nostalgic. For this reason alone, Barbados will always remain one of my favourite Caribbean islands. I knew every man and his dog goes here now, something which tends to put me off a place, but this island is my home.

We bundled in a taxi and drove to our apartment in a resort which I was very familiar with. We spent our time there relaxing, eating and visiting my favourite place on earth, the beach!

Ella with jet skii on the beach in Barbados

I can't visit Barbados without going on a jet ski!

Ella on jet skii in the ocean in Barbados
Ella on jet skii in the ocean in Barbados

There's something about the beaches of Barbados that continue to fascinate me. I've seen a fair few Caribbean islands now but the colour of the waters surrounding the West coast of Barbados are out of this world. I've never seen anything so blue! I also love how the beaches stretch for miles. You can walk down them for hours! Of course, you have to skirt a few rocky areas and cling to narrow stretches but that's part of the fun of it. Just writing about it now, I can feel a fuzzy feeling in my stomach. Perhaps it's the nostalgic element, but this experienced is unrivalled for me.

Visiting Barbados was a fitting end to the whole trip.

Trees on the beach in Barbados
The ocean and beach in Barbados
Ella on the beach by the ocean in Barbados
Palm trees on the beach with the ocean in Barbados
Ella on the beach by the ocean in Barbados
Ella on the beach by the ocean in Barbados

That marked the conclusion to my Caribbean cruise. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and I've made some fantastic memories. During my 2 week stay I visited: Florida, Tortola, St Barth, Grenada, St Lucia, St Vincent and Barbados. Not to shabby, eh? I know I'll be back to the Caribbean again. This place always calls me back - I can never stay away for long. For now, I just can't wait for what my next adventure is.

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