Jet Skiing in Barbados: The End of our Caribbean Cruise

Palm trees with ocean in the background at Glitter Bay resort, Barbados

I was awoken by the boat's anchor. One final time.

We had arrived in Barbados. Our last stop. When we departed the ship today, we wouldn't be returning and that fact made me feel slightly empty inside.

We packed up our things. I sorrowfully took in the sight of our room, determined to remember every detail of it. Our soft beds. The dressing table with built-in speakers which blasted the most jolly theme-tune I had ever heard in my life. I did a sound recording on my phone. I never wanted to forget that tune.

We had visited so many extraordinary islands on our Caribbean cruise. I knew I'd leap at the opportunity to do it again and see some new islands. One cruise that looks exciting is Fathom Cruise's Caribbean Cruise which visits the Dominican Republic in its journey - an island I have always wanted to visit!

Walking down the jetty with the great ship behind us was painful.

But every ending is also a beginning too. When one experience ends, another starts.

We had just arrived in Barbados, an island that felt like a third home (after Mallorca, of course) and which seemed to travel at a pace that echoed the rhythm of my heart. It was hard to feel entirely despondent when 3 nights in this paradise lay ahead of me.

The sun gleamed down on us as we settled down at one of the port’s restaurants for a bite to eat. We sat on the vibrant blue chairs as music blared from the bright orange building with palm leaves sweeping over its roof.

Despite returning to an island which we all loved the mood was quiet and sombre.

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