Day 1 on the Zambezi River: Close Calls with Hippos

Elephant on Zambezi River in Zambia Africa

I blinked open my weary eyes, rubbing sleep out of the corners and barely suppressing a yawn. It was early. Before 7am. Beyond the bottle green canvas of the tent I heard rustling and murmuring as the rest of the group rose and prepared for the day ahead of them.

Beside me Emily was rummaging around. She leaned forward and zipped open our tent, allowing early morning light to seep in.

I grabbed my clothing and toiletries and scrambled over to the tent entrance, feeling a flutter in my stomach as I laid eyes on the world outside the tent.

People were busy moving about on the green expanse of grass. Some were packing their bags, others dismantling their tents whilst others sat and chatted happily.

Beyond the grass was the mighty Zambezi, appearing eerily quiet. The sunlight lit up the shimmering grey surface which rippled gently, caressing the grassy shoreline. It was almost easy to forget about what was lurking beneath those waters. Crocodiles. Hippos. I shuddered in exhilaration.

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