Three Beaches in Three Days in St Barthélemy

Ella by ocean on beach at Anse de Grand Cul-De-Sac in St Barthélemy

The following morning all remnants of the rainstorm from the day before were gone. The ocean was once again calm, peacefully caressing the island’s jagged shoreline and murmuring softly, as if calling us over to dabble in its shallows.

Today we were heading to St Bart’s longest swathe of sand which was concealed in a bay just visible from our villa.

Anse de Grand Cul-De-Sac literally translates to ‘Beach of Large Cul-de-Sac’. It was a pretty accurate description. The beach curved round the grand bay like a new moon or cul-de-sac, a headland perched at each end.

We had made our way down to a peninsular of sand located at the very left of the beach. The sandy peninsular and surrounding palm forests were part of an 18 acre estate owned by Rosewood Le Guanahani hotel.

I was immediately intrigued by the circular headland located at the end of the peninsular. The golden sand ended abruptly and gave way to rough stone. Waves crashed violently against it, spraying water up and making the ground threateningly slippery.

I stood on the sandbar directly facing the rock. On my right was Anse de Grand Cul-De-Sac, turquoise waters kissing the shores. Then to my left was Anse Marechal – the beach I could see from the villa. Rough waves charged at Anse Marechal, sliding over slippery rocks jutting out from the shallows before colliding with the helpless grains of sand.

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