The Time I was Followed by Lions Through the Bush

Leopard Tracks in Zambia Africa

Leopard tracks!

Impala in Zambia Africa


Dead leaves crunched beneath my feet. Sunlight filtered down through the dense canopy above, painting the sandy earth below with dapples of illuminance.

“Look!” Our guide exclaimed with excitement.

I followed his gaze, expecting to find some magnificent creature but instead laying eyes on a very large pile of poop. Yes, really. Poop.

He rushed over to it at once, grasping a large clump with his bare hands. I winced.

He rolled the dung in his fingers, allowing it to crumble. “It’s elephant dung.” He announced proudly. “You can see the grasses in it and can also tell by the size.”

“Can you tell how fresh it is?” Someone asked.

“Oh, yes.” His eyes gleamed as though he had been waiting for someone to ask that very question and show off his skills. “There are many ways to tell. You can give it a little -”

I inhaled sharply as he drew a small piece up to his lips. He’s not actually going to? He threw it into his mouth. He did. I watched his jaw movements as he chewed it slightly, his face tightening as he pondered the age of the dung he was munching on.

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