Followed by Lions Through the Bush

Leopard Tracks in Zambia Africa

Leopard tracks!

Impala in Zambia Africa


The first part of our adventure was over and now we were safely on dry land, it was time for some land activities. One of these was a bush walk. We had a walk with an armed ranger just in case we bumped into any trouble. Once again, I am forced to despair at my lack of decent images. Always, I repeat, always bring spare cameras on a trip with you; you just never know what's going to happen. R.I.P trusty little compact camera and curse you DSLR for taking non-rechargeable batteries!

The walk was very interesting. We didn't see much wildlife other than a herd of impala but we saw leopard tracks and our guide ate some elephant poo - not for fun, but to check how old it was. I tried to stop myself from giggling.

Did you know impalas sleep in a circle with their bottoms against each other. This is so that all angles are guarded so that they can keep watch for predators. It also means that by the end of the night there is a large poo pile in a wonderful circle.

We also saw the disturbing side of life for wild animals. We found several snares. Fortunately, nothing had been caught and we removed the snares to prevent any tragedies from happening. Humans really can be awful sometimes.

We arrived back at camp, happy as Larry. Later, a couple of guards went out in the bush again and had discovered lion tracks covering ours, not too long after us. So, basically, a pride of lions had been following us through the entire bush walk. Creepy. Next time, I'll definitely look over my shoulder, you just never know who might be there.

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