A Day at Pigeon Island in St Lucia

Beach and mountains in St Lucia, The Caribbean

Another day, another island! What would our view be of today? I wondered as I clambered, bleary-eyed towards the window.

I wiped the sleep from my eyes and clasped the curtains in my hands. More mountains? Forests? Beaches? The possibilities were endless.

I knew we were arriving in St Lucia today and I was curious to see how it would compare to the other islands we'd been to.

I pulled the material back, blinked the sunlight from my eyes and stared in horror at a wall of cruise ships. At every location which we had been to so far, we had been the only cruise ship. But not here. And these cruise ships were unlike ours. They were towering white blocks, at least 3 times the size of ours, blocking out any views of the ocean.

I sighed and gazed to the strip of land that wasn’t blotched out by a great ship. Directly in front of us was a small hillock coated in lush palms, a few small buildings stood before it.

Part of the beauty of our cruise so far had been that we had witnessed very few tourists. Our ship was only small meaning just a handful of people partook in each activity. This made every experience feel peaceful and not overly-commercialised. I had a feeling today was going to be different.

I pictured the passengers from the other two ships swarming to all the tourist hot-spots. There must have been hundreds. I then grimaced when I realised my own hypocrisy. I was here on a cruise ship too. What gave me the right to visit these beautiful places but not them?

I tried to swallow my annoyance. I’d give St Lucia the benefit of the doubt although already it wasn’t feeling as magical as Grenada.

We didn't have an excursion planned for the day. I'd been to St Lucia a couple of times before and had already visited the gorgeous Piton mountains and the Sulphur Springs park (trust me, that smell of sulphur likes to linger in your nose all day after visiting). There are actually so many natural wonders you can visit in St Lucia! You can check out some of the best things to do in St Lucia here. However, today I was looking to pack my hiking shoes away and lay out on some relaxing beaches instead.

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