A Morning at Sulphur Springs in St Lucia – The World’s Only Drive-In Volcano

The peaceful calling of birds woke me from my sleep. I lifted my head and silently cursed as I realised how sore my face was when I shifted my facial expression. I was still burnt.

Part of me had hoped that the sunburn hadn’t really been that bad and I’d wake up to find my burns shifting into a glorious tan. That had been wishful thinking.

I vowed never to fall asleep under the midday sun again.

It was our last morning in St Lucia. This afternoon we would be moving on to our next island – Antigua.

But before that we had the morning to see more of this tropical island paradise.

We were visiting ‘Sulphur Springs’ which is famous for being the world’s only drive-in volcano.

Sulphur Springs is St Lucia’s only volcano and was formed over 410,000 years ago from a weak spot in a large collapsed volcanic crater.

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