So…erm… I made a Patreon

So guys, I have some pretty big news. I have just launched a Patreon! You can find my page here.

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What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform where you can support your favourite creators by subscribing to their pages for a monthly fee.

You can pledge different amounts in order to receive different tiers of memberships.

Different tiers earn different rewards.

For my Patreon I am just launching with 2 tiers, starting £5 + VAT a month where you will gain access to exclusive content.

Why Have I Decided to Launch A Patreon?

I have written, erased and re-written this announcement a couple of times now as I cannot quite put into words the struggle I had with deciding whether or not to even launch a Patreon.

For the past 2 years I have been creating travel films on my Youtube channel as well as writing about all my ridiculous travel tales over on this blog.

I absolutely love sharing my adventures!

Whilst the internet is full of travel guides and picture-perfect write-ups of locations, I like to give my honest, unedited experiences. That’s right – I don’t do highlight-reels. Instead, in both my films and my writing, you can expect to find raw and unique travel experiences.

I have enjoyed sharing all my crazy tales on my blog, stories that my films haven’t quite managed to capture.

But the thing is, fun, enticing stories don’t really fit the Google Algorithm very well. Google loves to favour all the guides instead, packed with keywords and written purely to sit at the top of Google.

I considered switching to guides instead in order to gain views for my blog but quickly decided I found this method boring and uninspiring.

So I was left with a dilemma. I could continue writing my quirky travel stories but risk having zero audience. Or I could really force myself to write useful but tedious guides. But nothing felt right.

Then I discovered Patreon.

Become a Patron!

What Will I Post on My Patreon?

After lots of serious consideration, I have decided to move all my travel tales to this Patreon account, and any future content I write will be exclusive to Patreon as well.


1. I feel Patreon is a great way to build-up a community of die-hard fans committed readers.

2. I don’t need to bother with making my content SEO-friendly, trying to please Google.

3. Having a barrier to read my content allows me to be more personal and open in my content.

4. I can just have FUN with my writing and not hold back on anything (basically point 2 and 3 combined but this is a BIG one for me).

What kind of Content should you Expect from Me?

I document a lot of my travels through my Youtube channel but these videos don’t tell the full story. The camera only rolls for a small portion of the day and misses out on lots of juicy action, especially the unplanned mishaps which I encounter A LOT.

On my Patreon account I will tell you the FULL story, including all the gossip, no matter how awkward and embarrassing. Here are some of the kind of stories you can expect:

– The time I stood on a drug syringe in Mallorca
– The time a woman died on my flight to Dominica
– The time I accidentally set a gas canister alight in Namibia
– The time I cried in front of a guide in Etosha National Park
– The time I was attacked by a machete-wielding gang in the Gambia
– The time the flight attendants refused to let me on the plane in Tenerife
– The time I was chased by a hippo in Zambia
– The time a huge moth tried to crawl into my bed with me in the rainforest

You may be starting to get the picture. Expect crazy. Expect rediculous. Expect to wonder how I am still alive and still trying to travel the world.

I hope you’ll join me along my journey and I can’t wait to get sharing!

Become a Patron!

How Often Will I Post on My Patreon?

I’m planning on posting one ~2,000 travel story once a week. I decided to keep to a regular posting time of Monday at 5pm UK time.

By being regular and consistent, you know when to expect new content from me and it also feels fair. After all, you are going to be paying a small fee per month and I want to provide value for that fee.

What Content is Already on My Patreon?

I have already pre-loaded LOADS of content to my Patreon so that you have lots to sink your teeth in to. If you subscribe now you will already have access to over 20 pieces of content.

My story about standing on a drug syringe in Mallorca is already over there, as is the story about the woman dying in front of me on the plane to Dominica. There’s stories about losing all my luggage in Dubai, rescuing a helpless kitten from certain death and coming of age tales such as the time I got stalked in a nightclub in Spain.

Now Let’s Talk About the Exciting Content I’m Uploading in The Next Few Weeks!

As I write this, I am in the middle of uploading one of my favourite travel series’ to date – my first solo adventure which was to Zambia. I included half-hearted write ups of this adventure on this blog previously. You’ll be excited to know that I have re-written this adventure from scratch, whipping out my old diaries and such to ensure I include every detail.

It’s a beast of a story and a new chapter will go live every Monday at 5pm UK time.

Once my Zambia adventure is live, we will jet off to Mallorca for some light-hearted mishaps like when I blew an expensive boat up and when we braved crossing the Mediterranean in the middle of a storm.

This gives content till late November, so I need to get a move on and finish working on my Namibia series – another amazing adventure that I took completely solo. I’m going to have fun sharing hidden details about that one, like how I rejected a free upgrade to first class by accident. Maybe we’ll get personal too. Let’s see how brave I’m feeling!

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How Much Does it Cost to Support Me on Patreon?

I am launching my Patreon with 2 tiers.

Tier 1: £5 + VAT per month

Tier 2: £10 + VAT per month

What’s the difference between the 2 tiers? Well, there will be some adventures or stories which I will save solely for tier 2. These will be more personal tales which I feel more comfortable making more exclusive.

For more information on what’s included in each tier, read more on my Patreon page.

What Does This Mean for My Blog?

My blog will still exist, don’t worry!

I will just be uploading all my travel tales to Patreon instead of here and keeping my blog exclusively for more informative posts and important updates.

I will also upload previews of all Patreon stories here, giving you, my readers, a taster of the kind of content I upload there.

Should You Support Me on Patreon?

You don’t need to.

I don’t really expect to gain many Patreons because my blog and Youtube channel are quite small.

I didn’t create my Patreon account solely for money. Rather I wanted a small community in order to share exclusive content to.

So whilst it would be incredibly to have you on board, there’s no pressure to.

Become a Patron!

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