Sri Lanka Trailer – Importance of Goals | Vlog

I've just returned from 10 days of backpacking round the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. This trip has been one of the best I've been on yet and I can't wait to share with you exactly what we got up to.

It's important to realise that this trip wasn't just handed to me on a plate. I worked my butt of for this: endured many sleepless nights, working till 3am and experienced more stress and anxiety than I care to admit. Work can be hard but the results are great.

Join me next Sunday at 4pm BST for the first episode of my Sri Lanka series. You don't want to miss this so please hit that subscribe button so you won't forget an episode 👌


Oh boy, this trailer took me over 6 hours to put together. Crawling through 500 GB of footage from just 10 days can be a challenge 😅

You can watch the video embedded below or you can watch it on my Youtube channel here.

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