Lost in Namibia | Vlog

My second Namibia vlog! I certainly picked up the camera a lot more in this video which is great. I think I may finally be starting to get the hang of vlogging, haha.

In today's vlog it's our second full day in Namibia. We planned on going on a tour of our campsite to meet the resident ostriches and crocodiles, followed by a visit to the Cheetah Conservation Fund. We had a very ambitious schedule with the hope of arriving at the eastern gates to Etosha before the evening. Let's just say, things didn't go to plan...


We went on an exciting 2-week road-trip around Namibia. Namibia is a country found on the south west coast of Africa. It's one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world so largely untouched.

Join us on our road-trip as we travel round the country in a pick-up truck, sleeping in a roof-top tent.


The video is embedded above or you can watch it via this link here.

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