Climbing Waterfalls in Snowdonia | Vlog

This is my first official vlog!

I've been filming and editing videos for years but normally stay completely behind the camera. Boy was this tough. Vloggers make it look so easy but you can clearly see how awkward I was in front of the camera to begin with. Thankfully, I seem to get slightly more natural with the camera as the video continues.

I almost didn't upload this as I cringe slightly when I watch it but we all have to start somewhere. Starting something new isn't easy. As I continue to film and upload, I can use this first ever vlog of mine to see how far I've come and will hopefully see some improvement.


I visited Snowdonia for the first time very recently and was blown away by the natural beauty of the area. When I think of UK I don't normally feel that enthused but I guess I've just never properly explored my home-country.

You can read more about my experience in Snowdonia in my blog posts!

Day 1 in Snowdonia

Day 2 in Snowdonia

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This video was actually made 8 months ago!

The image above is a link to it. I've also included a text link here and the video is also embedded below 🙂

2 thoughts on “Climbing Waterfalls in Snowdonia | Vlog”

  1. Beautiful! Never knew you could hike waterfalls! I learn new things daily. I’m up for adventure. Reminds me of my time in England.

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