It was time for me to go away with some of my closest friends from secondary school. Since leaving school in 2013, I had only seen my friends a handful of times due to our diverse, busy lives. Shortly before I was due to go away, my grandad sadly passed away and the funeral was booked for the same day I was due to fly to Mallorca. This unfortunate clash nearly prevented me from going away altogether. However, in the end I managed to do both, and I'm very glad I did as my time in Mallorca taught me a lot about friendship and life in general.

Mallorca 2017 Blog Posts

Blog posts displayed in chronological order.

I Made it to Mallorca! (Just)

I woke up, bleary-eyed, scrambling around trying to reach for the screeching alarm. Through my half-closed eyes I saw the room was pitch-black. The sun hadn't even risen yet. My body protested as I slowly clambered out of bed, tripping over my packed suitcase... Read more.


Our Crazy Final Day in Mallorca

After finally managing to open the door to our villa (you can read more about that trauma here), we walked down to the shops to buy our Diet Coke. Mission complete, we put our food away and due to thirst, put some drinks in the freezer to make them cool down at maximum... Read more.