The Journey So Far

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Namibia, November 2017

After spending a year in my home country, it was time to start exploring again. Whenever I want to go abroad, Africa seems to always call to me. This time it was Namibia tugging on my heart. I've been to Namibia before but when I last visited, I spent the duration... Read more.

Mallorca, September 2017

It was time for me to go away with some of my closest friends from secondary school. Since leaving school in 2013, I had only seen my friends a handful of times due to our diverse, busy lives. Shortly before I was due to go away, my grandad sadly passed away and the funeral ... Read more.

UK Camping, June 2017

When I think of travelling, I immediately think of jumping on a plane and flying to the opposite end of the world. It never occurred to me that there was in fact so much to see in my own country or 'my own back yard', as some might say. With work reaching an all-time-high in being... Read more.

Seychelles, November 2016

On 25th November I travelled to Mahé, an island in Seychelles. Over the 2 weeks I was staying there, I had a fantastic time filled with travelling round the island as well as lots of snorkelling. Really I think I should have been a fish - I just love being in the sea!... Read more.

Scotland, July 2016

In July 2016, we went on a long weekend away to Kenmore, a small village in the Scottish Highlands. Kenmore is situated at one end of a large loch called Loch Tay. It took us over 7 hours to get there! We only had 2 full days in Kenmore but we certainly made the most of it... Read more.

South Africa, September 2014

In September 2014, we went to South Africa. We were staying in a luxurious lodge in a reserve called Ant's Nest & Ant's Hill, situated in Vaalwater, three hours north of Johannesburg. The trip was a riding holiday, where you took part in horseback safaris. Being on horseback enables you to... Read more.

Life Update, January 2014

On Christmas day 2013, I had big news for my family. It wasn't exactly the Christmas present they were looking for, nor was it one that they were happy with. Before your mind starts to run away with you - no, I was not pregnant! I don't think my news surprised them either. I was going to... Read more.

Mallorca, November 2013

In early November 2013, I was itching to go on holiday again. I had been at University for nearly 2 months now and was (as usual) disliking being confined to the country. I also wanted to spend more time with my partner as only seeing him at weekends just wasn't enough for me. So I... Read more.

Life Update, September 2013

This summer was a time of great change from me. It all started when I finished school forever in May. I was finally free! I hated school. I was never one of 'the popular ones' but what I did have was a close group of friends who were absolutely amazing. In my last year of school, I embraced... Read more.

Namibia, July 2013

In July 2013, I went on my first solo trip. It took me over a day to travel to Namibia where I was going to be volunteering on a wildlife sanctuary, called N/a'an ku sê, for 2 weeks. Since I was very small, I've had a passion for wildlife, especially the big cats of Africa and so I almost... Read more.

St Barth, February 2013

During the February half term of my final year of school, we flew to St Barth (short for Saint Barthélemy), a small, French island in the Caribbean. St Barth is famed for its fantastic shopping and laid-back, bohemian atmosphere. As well as the shops, the restaurants are meant to be divine... Read more.

Zambia, July 2012

In July 2012, I went to Zambia. This was my first trip to Africa and I instantly fell in love with the continent. This trip was certainly an experience filled with close encounters and nail-biting experiences with the local wildlife. I nearly get eaten by a hippo 3 times... Read more.

Miami & Caribbean, April 2012

In my Easter holidays I went on a cruise that travelled from Miami to Barbados, stopping off at several islands on the way. I had never been on a cruise before so I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I also get seasick - eek! This trip turned out to be one of the greatest adventures of... Read more.

An Introduction, February 2012

Hi, I'm Ella. This seems like a good place to start my blog. I'm actually sitting here writing this in 2017, not 2012 as the date on the post says. I back-date all my posts so they occur around the time that the actual events happened so you have a realistic perception on time-scales... Read more.