Swimming with Stingrays

As I expected would be the case, we went back to Anse Royale beach (the most beautiful beach I've been to yet) repeatedly. This holiday was the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax, and what better way to do that than on the beach? Plus, snorkelling is addictive! I knew I hadn't seen all the fish there was to see at this location yet and there was still more to explore.

On our second visit, we embraced snorkelling. We swam fairly far out, to some rocks in the water - you can actually see the rocks in the picture above, so not quite at the little islet. We saw countless fish species, most of which I do not know the name for. We saw angel fish, parrot fish, lion fish (these are poisonous, eek!), sea urchins, sea cucumbers and many more. It was fantastic! I love seeing all the different fish.

On our third visit, we decided to venture even further to the edges of the beach. Clambering over many boulders, we found a very secluded area with a tiny stretch of sand and lots of beached seaweed. It was perfect because clearly not many people knew about this area, and sometimes I like my own space.

We decided to take the drone up and do more shots of ourselves with it. The water was incredibly shallow, and you can wade really far out. I was just expecting the drone to shoot me swimming and splashing through the water but to my luck, I stumbled across a stingray! The water was so clear that you could see the stingray clearly from the drone. I followed the critter round for quite some time, only to be joined by another stingray. I decided to swim alongside them and got the GoPro out for some underwater snaps. I got quite close to the animals. At the time, I forgot that stingrays actually did have stings, so maybe I was a little foolish getting so close to their tails. These particular stingrays are called spotted eagle rays and their stings are very close to their butts, not halfway down the tails like some have. This makes them safer than other species, but you still need to be careful.

I was super impressed with the footage that fellow Droney took. I think the images speak for themselves.