Swimming with Stingrays in Seychelles | VLOG

It's official! I am now active on my YouTube channel, Ella in Wanderlust! I have a back-log of videos made starting with this Seychelles Vlog. I'm determined to stick to a schedule and will be uploading once a week, every Sunday.

This first video is about my Seychelles trip. In November 2016, I went on a 2-week trip to Mahé, Seychelles. Mahé is the largest island in Seychelles - a group of over 100 islands found in the Indian Ocean. The island yielded some incredible beaches with large, granite boulders dotted along its shores. Most special, however, was the stingray that we found on one of Mahé's lesser-known beaches.

Admittedly, I didn't do that much filming whilst in Seychelles. So this 2-week video is rather short. I also didn't actually Vlog whilst I was over there so I had to use some imagination and narrate over the video when I returned home.

Video was made 8 months ago! The image above is a link to it. I've also included a text link here and the video is also embedded below :)

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