Sundowners with Rhinos

On Saturday evening, we were all invited to spend sundowners at Ant's Nest - the other resort in the reserve. It was around an hour's drive through the bush to get there. On the way we saw an array of wildlife including: zebras, impalas, waterbuck and sable antelope. At one point, our vehicle had to come to a halt because a sable antelope was stood challengingly in the road. It snorted at us and stamped its hooves, daring us to move forward. Eventually, the antelope moved out of the way but it was an intense moment.


The challenging sable antelope


We eventually arrived at Ant's Nest where we were greeted by our usual sundowner treats, including biltong. The most exciting this of all, however, was the rhinos. Below where we were eating, there were several rhinos, eating food which had been left out for them. There were also some warthogs and an eland.

We were told that the rhinos came here every evening for their dinner. The rhinos had to be carefully watched, to make sure they are safe from poachers. Poachers kill rhinos across Africa just for their horns. No rhino is safe and the reserve had lost a few to poachers. As a result, the rhinos had to be followed at all times by two armed guards. It showed just how serious the situation was.

It was great to see rhinos, but very sad to hear about the endless struggle that the species endures to survive.