Salt Pans & a Secluded Beach

The next day we set off to find yet another beach. Yesterday, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Anse De Grand Cul-De-Sac and today we were going to a beach called Anse de Grande Saline. It was a fairly long drive to get there. As we neared the beach, the land became a lot more rural and we found ourselves driving alongside a large salt pan. There's something quite interesting about salt pans - I find them quite creepy for some reason.

We pulled up in a sandy carpark surrounded by trees. At this point there was no beach in sight but this is the closest we could get to it. We then had around a 5 minute walk through trees and sand dunes to the beach. It was a nice walk through completely natural landscapes and we didn't pass too many people.

The sand dunes opened up to a vast golden-sand beach with large waves crashing against the shore. The beach was in a fairly long bay with a headland either side. It looked fairly similar to the beach at Isle De France Hotel but only without the development, deckchairs and people making it a lot more relaxing and private.

The day was slightly overcast with the odd burst of sunshine. It was just as well really as there's absolutely no shade on this beach. We had a nice, relaxing time there before beginning our trek through the sand-dunes back to the car. I really love having to walk to places! There's something exciting about leaving your car and hiking to your destination. It keeps the beach looking pure and natural and you also get to experience more of the area by having to walk through it. Anse de Grande Saline is often referred to as one of St Barth's most beautiful beaches and I can see why. You certainly get that secluded, natural feel when on this beach.