Relaxing in Paradise

Travelling to new places comes with its share of adventure. When travelling to a new destination you want to immerse yourself in the place, soak up the culture and see the key sights. If you're anything like me though, sometimes you just need to sit the heck down! We were staying in a beautiful villa perched on the edge of a hill, overlooking the ocean. You can read all about the lovely villa in my post, here. With a view like that, how could you not just chill sometimes? After the Mardi Gras carnival, I needed to chill out so I spent the day, well morning, relaxing by the pool and working on my all-important tan. That and taking photos, of course.

Okay, this is me we're talking about. As much as I love lying horizontally for a couple of hours, that's all I can do... a couple of hours. Sooner or later I will get overcome by the need to do something different. So, that afternoon, we decided to head off to another beach called Anse De Grand Cul-De-sac. If you're wondering why I split today into 2 blog posts it's because at the beach I took enough photos to last me a lifetime. Therefore I decided to dedicate a post solely to the beach.