Our Cabin in the Rainforest

Our accommodation for the 2 week period was a lovely little cabin, situated in the forests of Mahé. We used Airbnb to find the cabin and were impressed with the find. Seychelles isn't exactly known for being cheap so I think we got a pretty good deal on the accommodation for £70 per night.

There were two cabins. We were in cabin number 2. The cabin consisted of a dining room / kitchen, a bedroom with a nice, big double bed and a little bathroom. We also had our own balcony which had an outside table and some chairs where we could relax and unwind.

The entrance to our cabin

The kitchen

The living area

Our lizard buddy who often sunbathes on our balcony

The bedroom

Little dining table on the balcony

Now, we bought the most exciting piece of kit for this holiday - Droney! Droney is - as you may have guessed - a drone. This is perfect for taking aerial pictures, allowing you to see a perspective, you could never normally see. So, we took Droney for a little fly round the cabin.

Going up!

This is the view when you launch the drone up from the cabin

The cabin is surrounded by thick forest

The cabin is near the coast, to the South West of the island. Here you can see up to the North of the island

That's the cabin from above!