Last Day on the River & Our New Camp

It was our third and final day canoeing the Zambezi river. As usual, we made an early start. The hours spent canoeing were shorter this time and it only took us half a day to arrive at our new campsite which we were to stay at for 4 nights. On the way to the new site we saw the usual suspects: crocodiles, hippos and elephants. I was also becoming much more competent with the canoe as we had no scary moments this time. You can read about my two close encounters on the river here and here.

We arrived at our campsite in time for lunch. The new campsite was much larger than the others and was nestled on an opening channel to the river where we were told many animals liked to drink at. This campsite also had proper toilets and showers - woo!

Sitting by the channel to the river, I witnessed many wonderful sightings. We saw elephants, impala, baboons and many other small animals come to the water's edge to quench their first.

At night we were told to keep all our belongings within our tents as hyenas liked to come through the campsite and run off with the odd muddy welly.

Elephants beside our camp

An elephant mud-bath right next to our campsite