Kilimanjaro The Horse

Over the course of the week, I started to fall in love with my horse, Kilimanjaro. He was just so lovely and fun to ride. I also love his colouring. He must have some Appaloosa in his bloodline. I rode him every afternoon for the working week, Friday being my last day with him. If only I could have taken him home with me!

Our last two rides were pretty calm in comparison with Wednesday's ride. On Thursday's ride we saw giraffes and cantered into sundowners in style. We started the ride off by the lodges and some members of the ride were convinced they saw my aardvark. I didn't feel quite so special any more. It was quite cool to think I was the only one who had met the fellow aardvark.

Now, be prepared for a lot of pictures. I suck at narrowing down pictures. I want to show them all!

Oh hello Kili!


He's such a beautiful horse

The white horse's excitement to canter is real


Hello horse! Can you spot the giraffes in the background?

The giraffes were in a hurry to leave

Kili looks so cute here

Racing back for sundowners... the biltong was calling