Exploring Anse de Grand Cul-De-Sac

A new day, a new beach! Today we were exploring a beach called 'Anse de Grand Cul-De-Sac' which I think translates to 'beach of large cul-de-sac'. You can actually see the beach from our villa. As the name suggests, the beach curves round the coastline rather like a cul-de-sac.

When we arrived at the beach I was immediately intrigued by a rocky piece of land separating Anse de Grand Cul-De-Sac from a different beach. The golden sand ended abruptly and gave way to rough stone. Waves crashed violently against it, spraying water up and making the ground rather slippery.

The first thing I did was cross over from our calm beach to the beach on the other side. The water hit the other beach with a lot of force whereas Anse de Grand Cul-De-Sac yielded calmer waters. The roaring of the waves was sounding in my ears, filling me with excitement. There's something about the sea that always seems to draw me in although I didn't quite fancy a swim in these rough waters.

I then decided to explore the rocky landscape jutting out from between the two beaches. The rock beneath by feet carries some peculiar patterns, likely given to it overtime by the relentless force of the waves that repeatedly hit it. In the middle, vegetation grew. The grass was long and dry and there were rocky outcrops. Cactuses dotted the landscape, of all shapes and sizes.

As I walked with the mainland behind me, for a moment I felt like I was exploring unchartered territory, away from civilisation. There was nothing but the buzzing of insects an the crashing of waves beside me.

It wasn't long before I rounded the corner and saw the mainland once again. I was walking towards Anse de Grand Cul-De-Sac where deck-chairs lined the beach and behind them stood a hotel.

In case my description let you down, here is the rocky piece of land

Hey, I can see my house from here! Well, maybe but I have no idea which it is

I planted my feet in the sand once again but my explorations were not over yet. At the edge of the other beach, Anse Marechal was a stone staircase. I was curious to see where this led so started to ascend the staircase. The path turned to wooden strips and I found myself walking through a lush vegetated area. Vibrant green palms and pink flowers lined the path which actually took us towards the hotel. My favourite thing was the shop it took us to, not because I like shopping but because there were two tabby cats sleeping in the window. I'm a complete sucker for cats! If I find a cat, I literally spend as much time as possible with it. Yeah, I'm sad like that.

Yeah I'll just buy that dress... and that cat!

After exploring the area, it was time to relax on the beach. I lay down on a deck-chair and put my feet up. It wasn't long before a black-and-white cat caught my attention and we began to play with it. It was incredibly playful and in efforts to catch the stick we were waggling about, it managed to climb part-way up a palm tree which was pretty impressive.

The sky was starting to darken, so we decided to head back to our villa. On our way back, we took a wrong turn but ended up at a very scenic coastal area along a narrow road. We got out the car and walked towards the edge, admire the view and of course, take photos.

We were soon back on the road. Out of the car window I spotted a tortoise casually strolling down a road. It was a welcome sight - I love tortoises!