Orphaned Caracal Cub Arrives

On the evening after my caracal walk, I got to meet another caracal. A tiny caracal cub had been rescued. I assume the mother had been killed and the poor defenceless cub was left an orphan. The cub was so young, it hadn't even opened its eyes. A few of us volunteers were fortunate enough to hold the little cub before it was wrapped in a blanket and taken to be bottle-fed.

That evening, we had an activity booked - shooting a tranquilizer gun to tranquilize a paper cheetah. One at a time, we tried shooting a board which had the drawing of a cheetah on. The aim was to hit the cheetah in the hind leg. This is the ideal spot to hit the animal as it's away from precious organs but is close enough to the main body of the animal to actually have an effect on it.

The gun was heavy and it was hard to look through the crosshairs at exactly the right spot. I fired and was close but not close enough. My dart had hit the paper cheetah in the groin - oops!

Not the most flattering pic of me but, oh well!

I look demonic. I'm sure everyone was very worried!