Baie Lazare

We woke up today at 8am. I was amazed really that we'd adapted so well to the time-zone as Seychelles is 4 hours ahead of England (so it was 4am there - yikes) and I generally like to sleep for a long time. I guess the night flight helped us to crack this. We were also super excited for our first day in Seychelles and to top it all off, our car was arriving between 9am and 10am in the morning. The car was late and I was waiting like an excited child on the balcony. I couldn't wait to start exploring the island. Anyway, just after 10 the car arrived!

Our car was a Hyundai Creta in bright red - not the colour I was expecting but I really liked it. I was grateful that we had a jeep and - more importantly - an automatic as the roads looked pretty steep.

We drove from our area, called Baie Lazare, towards the south of the island, passing a few local shops with the scenic coast on our right. We passed a few beaches which looked beautiful. Seychelles is known for its iconic granite boulders dotting the coastline and trust me they were everywhere and every time I saw them it just took my breath away.

The road started to get steep. We were on a very narrow road which was almost a ledge - it was hard for two cars to pass each other. On one side, we were up against a steep cliffside, stretching towards the sky, and on the other we had a great drop with jagged rocks and the sea below. The scariest part was that there were no barriers so there was nothing to stop you from falling off the road.

There was one beach that we passed which we just had to stop off at. We pulled over at the side of the road and raced down onto the sand. The sand felt like velvet beneath my feet and I relished the feeling. The beach was quite wide and very quiet - there was only a handful of people on the entire beach. I later learnt that this beach was called 'Takamaka', like the Seychelles rum.

I know what you're thinking - how cool do my shoes look? As stylish as they are, these are actually imperative for going in the sea in the Indian Ocean, unless you fancy accidentally stepping on a stonefish or a lionfish barefooted. Both are pretty venomous so it's best to keep your feet protected just in case.

Anyway, after a lovely stroll on the beach, we were feeling pretty peckish. On our drive back, we went down one of the side roads in search of food (it must sound like my whole life revolves around food which is actually kind of accurate). After driving down some narrow, down-hill roads for a while, we eventually came to a little restaurant on the beach. The menu was full of fish, we we expected as most local food in the Seychelles revolves around freshly-caught fish. We chose a shark steak (I love trying exotic food) and some garlic prawns. Both were yummy and were served with rice and dried slices of papaya.

This evening, we went to 'ZEZ Lounge' - a restaurant within the Four Seasons resort. We drove to the resort and a golf buggy met us at the car park and drove us through the resort to the lovely ZEZ Lounge. We were greeted at the door by the manager who allowed us to pick a table of our choice. We decided to sit outside, closest to the sea. It was very atmospheric with the sound of waves gently crashing against the cliffs below. The ZEZ Lounge is a sushi restaurant and sushi is easily my favourite food. We ordered salmon sashimi (my favourite), tempura prawn rolls and some tuna sashimi. I don't normally like tuna sashimi but because the tuna came from Seychelles, I just had to try it. Oh my goodness, the tuna sashimi was the best I have ever had - I loved it. The whole meal was delicious! It wasn't the cheapest meal we'd ever had but we certainly loved the food. It was a great experience.

Tomorrow we are planning on visiting Victoria, the capital city. It's actually the smallest capital city in the world. Goodnight - I look forward to exploring Victoria tomorrow.