A Tour of Our Villa in St Barts

In February half term, during my final year of school, we flew to St Barts. St Barts is a small French island found in the Caribbean. I had been here twice before but without actually staying on the island. Let me explain. In 2009, we went island-hopping round the Caribbean and one of our stops was Anguilla. One day we got a boat from Anguilla to St Marteen to St Barts where we spent the day and then ventured back in the evening. Then, last year, we went on a cruise round the Caribbean with one of the stops being St Barts. We were staying on the boat and again only spent the day on the island. Both times we had really enjoyed our visit (not least for the fantastic shopping!) and so we decided to finally stay here.

So, we flew to Antigua and then flew from Antigua to St Marteen. From St Marteen we took the boat across to St Barts. There was just one problem. Our luggage had got lost! We arrived in St Marteen without our suitcases - a real bummer. However, the plus side was that it was a fantastic excuse to go shopping in Gustavia (the capital of St Barts).

It was a 15 minute drive from the capital to our villa. The island is only small so travelling round it takes little time. I was surprised at just how mountainous the island was. The roads would veer up and down steep hills. There were times when you feared the little cars wouldn't be able to make it up the hills, yet somehow they always managed. The worst slope of all was that which led up to our villa. The car would make an array of concerning noises as it travelled practically vertically up the slope. The good news is that it did manage!

It was worth having a villa perched in such an elevated position. Our view of the island was incredible.

Our accommodation was a 4-bedroom villa. It was nice, spacious and came with a beautiful swimming pool. On one side of the pool was a great drop which provided us with incredible views. In the distance you could see the sea and waves crashing over reefs. An islet was in the ocean with waves crashing against it from all sides. I could sure get used to staying here for a week!

The look on my face tells you a lot about the water's temperature...

When your brother splashes you in the face!