A Day at Nikki Beach, St Barth

It was our last full day in St Barth and we decided to spend it at Nikki Beach, a beach-bar situated on what is arguably the most beautiful beach on the entire island. I had been to the Eden Rock restaurant next door twice on previous visits to the island and it was now time to find out what Nikki Beach was like. I was already salivating with excitement as I had heard on the grapevine that they served salmon sashimi, my favourite food in the entire world!

I'll tell you now that I didn't take many pictures at all of this day. The rosé was flowing and I was hypnotised by the salmon sashimi. That's enough to throw me right off and do little more than eat, drink, sunbathe and a cheeky bit of shopping. Yep, some shoes caught my eye and I threw sand around the shop trying them on and then bought them in a size to small. Way to go, Ella!

It was honestly my favourite day of the entire holiday. That's the way to my heart guys - salmon sashimi. Plus it was rather flattering that the restaurant's photographer just couldn't get enough of us! He took lots of professional photos of us which weren't free but how can you turn them down?!

It was a fitting end to a wonderful holiday. I'd thoroughly enjoyed my time in St Barth and hope to visit again one day. Until then, who knows where life will take me?