A Day at Isle De France Hotel, St Barth

One of the first things that I noticed about St Barth was the lack of beaches. You had to know where the beaches were - you couldn't find them by chance. Well, you could but it may take a while. The majority of the St Barth coastline consists of cliffs and rocks.

The first beach that we decided to visit was the beach at 'Isle De France' hotel. I'd heard that Beyonce had recently been to this hotel and was giddy with the thought of bumping into her. I'd never been here before so we were about to explore unchartered territory - how exciting.

Our rental car had arrived so we jumped in and proceeded to drive down our vertical driveway before starting our journey. The hotel was at the other end of the island so it was a half an hour drive up, down and around mountains to get there.

The hotel was beautifully simple and had a typical Caribbean feel to it. We walked through the hotel and headed for the beach. The waves crashed aggressively onto the golden sand. The waters here were slightly more rough than what I'm used to but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I like experiencing different things. On either side of the large stretch of beach were two mountains, covered in palms and dotted with the odd villa. The water was a deep shade of blue and out in the middle were some jagged rocks poking from the carpet of sea.

We spent the morning sunbathing, working on our tans. Man, a lot of work goes into tanning! I struggle with it as I'm not one for lying around. I'm easily bored and constantly crave new activities. Anyway, it's worth lying around to get a nice bronzed body - ha! After soaking up the sun, we had some lunch which was delicious. The restaurant was on the beach and thus yielded a fantastic view of the sea. My favourite part was the yummy dessert.

Once we'd polished off our lovely meal, it was time to head back to the villa to chill some more.