This Decision Changed My Life | Life Update

On Christmas day 2013, I had big news for my family. It wasn't exactly the Christmas present they were looking for, nor was it one that they were happy with. Before your mind starts to run away with you - no, I was not pregnant!

I don't think my news surprised them either. I was going to quit University.

I could sense their disappointment. I had never been one to stick to norms and follow the typical path that society sets out for you but honestly, even I saw myself going to University and finishing with a nice degree that you could slap on your CV. I'd never thought any differently because in life you are taught that going to University is what you do. There's no other options.

So, why did I quit University? Well, life had other plans for me, but we'll get to that in a minute.

I got in to the University of my choice on a degree I would enjoy more than an academic one. My course was 'Creative and Professional Writing' because I love writing. I could have opted for 'English literature with Creative Writing' but that doesn't excite me so much. This was the first thing that annoyed everyone as they wanted me to get a more important degree.

On my second day on my course, our lecturer said "None of you will probably ever get published." Motivating, right? I started to question what I was doing then but that wasn't the key reason in leaving Uni.

This is the deal-breaker. Before I went to Uni, I had the best summer of my life. Not only did I go on the best trip ever in Namibia, but I met my partner. I guess I fell hard and wanted to spend every moment with him.

To top it all off, he was in business, a world I'd never considered as I'd never been taught anything about it at school. School always wants you to go the corporate route as it looks good for them.

I was keen to get involved and we started brain-storming business ideas together until this was at the forefront of my mind, not my university course.

I didn't spend a single weekend at my uni and took a cheeky week out to go on holiday during term-time.

Of course, my unexplained absence didn't go down well with the University and I received a very disgruntled letter - kind of a warning. I just wasn't throwing myself into University life at all and was constantly dreaming of being with my partner, working on a business or on holiday. To add to things, me and my partner decided to move in together and rent a house.

So, I did it. I went against everything that society had told me to do. I went with my gut-feeling and don't regret that decision in the slightest.

My words to you would be to follow your dreams. Even if everyone else is telling you not to, go with your gut, with your heart. After all, in life we normally only regret the chances that we didn't take.