The Best Summer of My Life | Life Update

This summer was a time of great change from me. It all started when I finished school forever in May. I was finally free! I hated school. I was never one of 'the popular ones' but what I did have was a close group of friends who were absolutely amazing. In my last year of school, I embraced it slightly more. By embrace it I mean I put two fingers up to it and was myself, not caring so much about being 'popular' or what they thought of me. I was probably able to enjoy it more because I was 18 now so could go out and party all I wanted with my friends and constantly meet new people outside of school.

After leaving school and exams behind, I went on my first holiday of the summer. My friends and I went to Zante or 'Zakynthos' for a week. It wasn't a scenic/adventure-type holiday, hence why I haven't posted about it. No, Zante was a party holiday where I spent my days lounging round the pool in the day with a hangover and partying through the night till the early hours of the morning. We did get out a bit during the day. One day we relaxed on the beach, another I enjoyed life on a booze-cruise, although most of that journey is little more than a blur! I also went on a quad-bike one day, only to be pulled over by the police for apparently driving in Zante's 'hard-shoulder'. I had no idea! He let us off. Obviously we came across as completely oblivious tourists.

Me enjoying life in Zante

Booze cruise!

After a week of partying hard in Zante, I was exhausted! However, no sooner had I returned from Zante was I on my next plane to Mallorca. I didn't go out every night whilst in Mallorca, however I did spend my fair share of nights in Magaluf. The main achievement of the holiday was finally managing to detangle my hair which had turned into a 'hamster' as I called it after being in foam parties and paint parties.

I was in Mallorca for around a week. From Mallorca I then flew home for a night before jumping on a plane and heading to Namibia on my own. I was pretty nervous to be going alone but at the same time I was proud of myself for following my heart. I knew that no one else would want to go with me and instead of giving in to the fear of going by myself, I did it. A whole 24 hours of travelling later, I was in Africa and it was the best trip I have ever had. You can read all about that here.

Grooming a cheetah at a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia

I was in Namibia for 2 weeks but unfortunately all good things must come to an end at some point and I flew back home for a night. I didn't have long to reminisce as soon I was back in Mallorca where I got to relax for a while. That was until we went to Ibiza. We got on a small plane and flew to Ibiza where I enjoyed many high-end meals. We were only in Ibiza for a few days before we flew back home.

My summer was meant to end there but then something unexpected happened. I had met a guy in a club back home right at the start of the summer. We got talking, exchanged numbers and hung out a couple of times before I jetted off on my holidays. I didn't expect that we'd ever been in touch again. However, not long after I arrived back home, he asked me if I wanted to help out with his business with filming and presenting, something I was really interested in. I was a little nervous but I thought 'YOLO' or 'carpe diem' and went for it.

I did some work for 2 days, all the while we started getting to know each other more. We seemed to have quite a lot in common and at the end of the second day, we kissed. I went home, just thinking I'd continue working on Monday.

The next day I received a text from him asking me if I wanted to go away with him the next day to a surprise location. I nearly spat my drink out. It was pretty scary thinking about going on holiday with someone who I had only known a few days and going away the next day. I was pretty happy after my summer and was in one of those 'seize every opportunity' places in my life so I agreed to go. Crazy. He picked me up the next day and we flew to Nice in the South of France.

The view from Île Saint-Honorat off the coast of Cannes. Our boat is the little on on the left in the back

We stayed in Nice for a couple of nights. We were meant to be going home after that but we were enjoying our holiday so much that we extended our stay and spent the second half of the trip in Cannes. One day, in Cannes, we rented a boat for the day. I have a skipper's licence so was qualified to take us both out in the boat. We stopped off at a little island called Île Saint-Honorat, off the coast of Cannes. There was one restaurant on the island which we ate at. We had a slight trauma whilst docking up! I didn't put the anchor down far enough and our boat nearly drifted into another. Luckily, we hadn't been taken to the island by the restaurant's tender yet so I was able to rectify it quickly. Needless to say, I had one eye on the boat whilst we ate our lunch.

When we got back from France, I only had a couple of weeks before I went to university. I was slightly sad to go as now I had a boyfriend, I wanted to spend every moment with him, not go off to a different city a couple of hours away. Life doesn't always go the way you plan it to go but that's nothing to be worried about. This summer has been the best summer of my life and I have a feeling that it may have changed the course of my life completely. We shall see where it takes me next.