Hi, I'm Ella!

Hey, there! Thanks for stumbling across my small corner of the internet. I'm Ella - a 20-something year old born and bred in rainy England. I've always had a strong desire to travel and immerse myself in different cultures. The height of my passions however lie with wildlife. You can ask anyone who knows me just how obsessed I am with animals and they may even tell you (and I do cringe slightly at the memory) that I used to, in my childhood, spend hours following neighbourhood cats with a camera, pretending I was a young female David Attenborough and the cats' adventures were the most exciting thing on earth.

That's a brief introduction! If you want to know more about me, then check out the 'about me' page.

Recent Blog Posts

Epic Safari in Udawalawe National Park

The dark grey clouds, thick with rain were surrounding us. I winced. Any moment now. Splat. The first drop of rain hit my arm which hung out the side of the open safari vehicle. Then another. And another. Before long a stream of fat water droplets were threatening to take over the back of the… Read More

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Fresh Coconuts and Elephant Sightings from Ella to Udawalawe

Our time in the beautiful mountain town of Ella was short. After just 2 nights here, we were simply now ready to leave and awoke with a heavy heart. It felt like salt in our wounds to see the sun shining down across the valley, especially after the rainy two days we had experienced here.… Read More

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

8 Must-Have Items for Eco-Friendly Travel

Last year was a ground-breaking year for sustainability. David Attenborough's documentary Blue Planet II opened our eyes to the devastating effects that plastics are having on our oceans. No one could have predicted just how much of an impact it could have had on the public. Waitrose found that 88% of people who watched Blue… Read More

Sunday, 31 March 2019

One Day in Gorgeous Ella Town

Outside my drawn curtains, thick grey clouds, threatening rain, concealed the moon. The world below was draped in a blanket of serene darkness, wrapping around the gently swaying palms. The air was still, at first just disturbed by the gentle gurgling of a stream that passed in the valley below, flowing elegantly from the side… Read More

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Discovering Paradise in Ella Town

It had been a strenuous day of travel. From our early wake up at 6am to the lengthy but absolutely mind-blowing 8 hour train ride through Sri Lanka's beautiful countryside. Finally, we had arrived in the town of Ella, where we were to be staying for the next two nights. Our minibus taxi pulled up… Read More

Tuesday, 12 February 2019